Health & Safety

All occupations involve varying degrees of risk. A good, well-structured Health & Safety Plan has a singular focus; risk management. The difference between a successful safety plan and one that fails is execution. Just as hazards change from job to job, Associated Building Wreckers recognizes that a successful safety plan must not only have guiding principles that are the same for every job we do, but also be tailored to site specific hazards.

There are 3 guiding principles of the program that has lead to its success:


All employees receive OSHA 10-hour Health and Safety training. This is the minimum standard for The Department of Labor. Additional and ongoing training takes place each day as to the specific hazards of that particular job. Our highly trained crews are skilled in all aspects of the business from demolition to asbestos/lead/mold abatement to Hazard Communication.


Associated Building Wreckers believes that safety should be a top down philosophy. For any safety program to be effective, the management team must “walk the walk.” This leadership is extended from the President through to first-line supervision. This philosophy doesn’t stop there however; safety is a joint effort with ALL employees and EVERY subcontractor. Everyone must accept responsibility for maintaining safety.


From proper planning to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), every conceivable precaution is taken everyday to ensure the safety of our employees.

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